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Indonesia, Organizations Development


Amartya SocietyAmartya Society - Supports development with democracy, social justice and solidarity. Community Development Center IndonesiaCommunity Development Center Indonesia - Leadership development with a focus on West Papua (Sentani).
Heifer Project International Indonesia ProgramHeifer Project International Indonesia Program - NGO working to reduce hunger and poverty in rural farm families in Sumatra, Indonesia. Supports sustainable smallholder livestock projects and the capacity building of local NGOs and grassroots organizations.  IDRAPIDRAP - Institution for Development of Rural and Indigenous Peoples supports development for indigenous people in southeast Sulawesi.
Indonesia Community Recovery ProgramIndonesia Community Recovery Program - Strengthening the coping capacities of vulnerable groups of the population most severely affected by the social-economic crisis. Supported by local NGOs and the UNDP. INFID European liaison office in BelgiumINFID European liaison office in Belgium - Informations on the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development. Lobby papers, press statements and selected news.
Sumbangsih Nuansa TasikmalayaSumbangsih Nuansa Tasikmalaya - NGO involved in small scale community development in the city of Tasikmalaya, Java. Operational wing of Yayasan Perisai Biru (Blue Shield Foundation), a legal development studies foundation. United in DiversityUnited in Diversity - International conference brings together representatives from diverse sectors to achieve social and economic progress sustainable development.


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