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Indonesia, Issues Territorial Disputes Aceh


FAS: Free Aceh MovementFAS: Free Aceh Movement - Article from the Federation of American Scientists on Aceh and Free Aceh (Aceh Merdeka) the Free Aceh Movement [Gerakin Aceh Merdeka (GAM)] and the Aceh Security Disturbance Movement (GPK). Free Aceh MovementFree Aceh Movement - Information on the movement for the independence of Sumatra, including several documents/statements issued by the movement or people associated with it.

The GAM (Free Aceh Movement) - Underground In Aceh -A Special Press SummaryThe GAM (Free Aceh Movement) - Underground In Aceh -A Special Press Summary - Briefing information from the US Pacific Command.

Statement on Free Aceh MovementStatement on Free Aceh Movement - President Bush on the decision by the Indonesian government to negotiate on Aceh. (May 15, 2003)


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