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Indonesia, Irian Jaya


"Irian" in the National Archives of Australia - Files relevant to Irian held in the National Archive of Australia. Some are full text after free login. Irian JayaIrian Jaya - Includes related news articles and articles on other aspects of the province.
Irian-LIrian-L - A mailing list dedicated to the people of Irian Jaya. Kabar Irian On-line MagazineKabar Irian On-line Magazine - News, editorials and discussion groups for the province and its people.
Papua WWW VLPapua WWW VL - A virtual library for Papua Province. West Irian: A BibliographyWest Irian: A Bibliography - Full text of the 1984 book by Jan van Baal, K.W. Galis and R.M. Koentjaraningrat.
West Papua NewsWest Papua News - English-Language news and discussion on issues related to politics, human rights, and self-determination for West Papua (Irian Jaya).


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